Earth Day has gone to the dogs!

Happy Earth Day!

Today I would like to share my doggy bag with you. A while back I saw some bloggers making small bags out of juice pouches. That got me thinking of what I could recycle into something useful. I saw the empty dog food bag on the counter and decided to make a beach bag of sorts. It was very simple to make and I added a strip of flannel to cover the raw edge at the top. I used an extra scrap from the bag for the handle and covered it with more flannel scraps. I actually use it a lot and it is very sturdy and easy to wash.

I have also started a new charity project in the last month. I wanted to try free-motion quilting and made Julie a dolly blanket. I really enjoyed it and wanted to practice on more things. After coming to the realization that Julie does not need 20 more dolly blankets I contacted a local animal shelter and asked if they would like blankets for their dogs and cats. They were extremely receptive and said that they could also take animal toys and old towels too. So last night I started sewing some scraps together  for a blanket and even made a few recycled doggy toys. I took an empty water bottle and sewed a cover over it. Then I tested it out on my pups and I am happy to report that it is puppy approved! (Yes he is huge and yes he is not a puppy anymore but it will always be mumma’s puppy!)

         Happy Quilting!


About Nicole Scotina

I am a happily married work at home mom. I have both 2 legged and 4 legged children who keep me very busy. I am a licensed child care provider by day, a quilter at night, and a mom, wife, and daughter 24-7. When the weather is good I try to squeeze in a little time for gardening.
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5 Responses to Earth Day has gone to the dogs!

  1. The dog food bag is a great idea! I’m putting that on my list. =)

  2. Kris says:

    Nicole – Your “doggy” bag is darling!! Such a great idea, especially since they are making the dog food bags out of that indestructible plastic-type material!! Did you line it?? And I love the doggy toy!! My Pollie will love that one ‘cuz it will make noises when she chews on it!! 🙂 Kris

    • Thank you Kris. I did not line the bag because it is very easy to wash and wipe clean after a trip to the beach. The only drawback is that it is a bit floppy. I think I will line the next one so it can stand up on its own. I have 2 dogs and so does my Mom so there will be plenty of free doggy bag material in my future to play around with. I think most dogs can’t resist the sound of the crinkle! Please send me a photo if you make one.

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