Embroidery Addiction

Hi, My name is Nicole and I am addicted to Embroidery!!!

I started my first embroidery project one year ago in October. It was a Halloween make-it-and-take-it from my Quilt Guild meeting. I enjoyed it so much that I started on a one year BOM embroidery quilt called Birdie Stitches. Then I made an embroidered name tag for my September Guild meeting which I will share with you tomorrow. Now I am very excited to join SewHappy.Me in her SewHappy Christmas Sewalong It starts on September 23 and I feel like a kid at Christmas and want it to start NOW! (feet stomping and lips pouting). This will be a very fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Click the button below to visit SewHappy.Me and join in the Holiday fun!


About Nicole Scotina

I am a happily married work at home mom. I have both 2 legged and 4 legged children who keep me very busy. I am a licensed child care provider by day, a quilter at night, and a mom, wife, and daughter 24-7. When the weather is good I try to squeeze in a little time for gardening.
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2 Responses to Embroidery Addiction

  1. Lesley Boost says:

    Stop that pouting and foot stomping! You just have to wait! Worth waiting for though. Hope you enjoy.

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