Witch blog name did you pick?

Dawn over at As Sweet A Cinnamon is having a What’s your name? giveaway. Visit her at the link below to see entries by our fellow bloggers. It sure is fun to read about how a name came to be.


SEW Daughter is actually a play on words and here is my story…

My mother took a few quilting classes at our local quilt shop. There she heard about the North Parish Quilters Guild. We decided to attend a meeting together. I did not know any one there but my Mom recognized several faces. All of the ladies were so nice. Since the we have become members. At one meeting a few ladies came up to me throughout the night and said “I did not know that your Sylvia’s daughter!” Then they commented how great it was that mother and daughter quilted together. The next day I was trying to come up with a savvy, creative, inspiring, super great blog name……I was stumped! I love creative blog names like sew creative where the “so” is replaced by “sew”. I also follow Quilt Dad and Sew Mama Sew. Both great names that are easy to remember. I put all of those ideas together in one big pot and give it a stir and SEW Daughter was born. My Moms initials are S.E.W and I am her daughter. It is east to say and I feel that as a new quilter I am like a daughter learning from all the great quilt Moms and Dads in blogland.


About Nicole Scotina

I am a happily married work at home mom. I have both 2 legged and 4 legged children who keep me very busy. I am a licensed child care provider by day, a quilter at night, and a mom, wife, and daughter 24-7. When the weather is good I try to squeeze in a little time for gardening.
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4 Responses to Witch blog name did you pick?

  1. Jeanneke says:

    What a nice story! Sew unique and sew personal…. :>)
    Find out about my blogname at: http://dezondagssteek-jeanneke.blogspot.com



  2. Janet says:

    Now that is a very interesting story – and a great play on words for your blog name!

  3. Lynda says:

    What a cute name for your blog with a wonderful story. My blog name came from just lack of thinking of something cute, but it is what it is.

  4. renata says:

    Hi Nicole
    great blog name, nice to meet you, I only have a few followers too, but its quality i guess!

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